Woodland Time Zone

Visit your past to help resolve issues you carry in your present. Visit your future to help make a decision, or guidance for the path to follow. Use the paragraph spacing as your signal to close your eyes and visualise the instructions, although this is aimed at being a 10 to 15 minute meditation, please stay in each section for as long as you wish to.

For this meditation weíre going for a walk in a tranquil woodland..... So, start to relax by taking three deep breaths and, as you slowly release, think about letting go of all negativity. Let your body and mind relax. Any thoughts that pop into your head... Just let them drift out. Let go of as much mind chatter as you can, donít worry that you canít lose all of it......much of whatís left will go when you focus on the meditation. When your breathing is back to a more more normal, relaxed pace, take your focus down through your body.....relaxing the shoulders.....arms.......your back......your abdomen.....relax hips.......thighs......calves......and feet..... Now close your eyes and conjure up a small glade..... Lush green grass bathed in warm sunlight......surrounded by leafy deciduous trees which are gently sparkling as the breeze tweaks the leaves and they catch the sunlight. Birds are singing and all is tranquil and beautiful. Take your time, add as much or as little detail as you wish.

When youíre happy with your image look around for a path.....see one entering the wood. Take the path and follow it, pay attention to what itís like...... Wide or narrow? Grassy or stony? Are you walking past the trees easily?....or is it dense and difficult.... Keep following, looking around as you go. Woodland flowers and creatures may appear to you, interact with them if they do. Smell the flowers, stroke or even talk to any animals.....remember what they say. Again, take your time, things wonít appear if you rush. Enjoy the walk, be happy and content. Feel the peace and tranquility within this woodland. Know that youíre loved and safe in this spiritual area.

As you walk you see another path that that crosses your own. You look along this path to your left and see a fallen tree blocking that route... When you look right, that path also has a fallen tree across it. Both fallen trees are in their own special time zone.... The left path leads you to the future, while the right path leads to the past. Now you can decide which area of your time line you wish to visit.... Your past or your future. Whichever you choose, take the path to the fallen tree and sit, or lie down, by the log. Listen to the woodland sounds.... Relax..... Clear your mind as a gentle white mist begins to surround you. Allow the mist to rise and become more dense. The woodland is now hidden from your view, just the familiar sounds reassuring you that you are still safe here. Now look around, into the mist..... What do you see...... Be patient...... Breathe slowly..... Relax. It may be a colour, what does that colour mean to you. It may be a song that pops into your head, what are the lyrics saying. If a person or animal appears, interact with them. You may feel a strong emotion.... Go with it, let it lead you.

When you feel you are done, allow the mist to melt away, revealing the full beauty of the woodland once more. Return to the original path and make your way back to the sunny glade, Once there, open your eyes and shake out your hands. You may wish to write down your experience so you can reflect on itís meaning, particularly if you went to the future zone.

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