Here are some lovely complements from satisfied sitters...

"Amazing how personal and accurate the reading was, it really 'zoomed in' on the stuff that was affecting me in my life at the time" 
         Steph - Milton Keynes

"Uncannily accurate, mystic meg eat your heart out... I would urge even the most sceptical to try it."
        R.G. Leicestershire

"Fantastic. Marions' ability to read the cards can only make you wonder if she has 6 senses and not the usual 5!!"
        Mrs. G. Leics.

"A friendly, relaxed atmosphere and readings that are 110% accurate. What more could you ask for?!"
         Earl Shilton

"Whichever reading you decide upon, you can be assured you will not be disappointed. Marion + tarot cards = complete satisfaction."

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