Is Your Karmic Cycle Healthy?

Are you moving forward? Or repeating the same cycle... Balance your life.

Balance in your life is very important, your energy; emotions; mental state and self confidence are part of your 'whole'. Imbalance in one or more areas brings discord and negative energy. Sometimes this imbalance is obvious, such as being unable to move on after losing a loved one. Or putting too much energy into your working life and neglecting (or ignoring) home issues. Maybe your self-confidence or self-belief is at rock bottom and you're stuck in a rut. These kinds of issues are commonly helped with readings, usually the querent (client) will already know the answers but need to hear it from a neutral source... since when do we ever listen to our parents/spouse/boss! Send me an outline of what you're going through and see if your instincts are already telling you what you need to do.

And remember, you can ask very specific questions. If you have one that needs a yes/no reply don't be disappointed if you don't get a straight answer, a reading is far more likely to point you in a direction where you can answer the question yourself - and therefore learn an important lesson. Don't groan!   If you don't learn your karmic lesson (wagging my finger now) you will just keep repeating your karmic cycle - in other words, you'll be stuck in that proverbial rut!

Always remember that any reading is a 'snap-shot' of time, nothing is written in stone, so you have the power to change your path. If don't like what you see, then use your free will to change it. One of the most powerful influences of a reading is that it gives you the chance to change an outcome. How? A reading shows what is around you (now and in the near future) based on your current thoughts, feelings and attitude. Change any or all of these conditions using information from the reading and you are able to change the outcome, it may be a side-step or a complete u-turn, but change it you can. When you get a reading you like the sound of then, hey! you're on the right track!

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