The key to unwrapping many unseen areas and developing your hidden gifts...
How you meditate is a very personal thing, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are some sensible guidelines to help you if you are new to this. The obvious one being 'no distractions'. It's hard to quieten the mind, all sorts of things will leap into your head when you're trying to switch it off. So you don't need extra distractions from mobile phones, house phones, the tv, kids or pets wanting your attention. So choose your time and place carefully... you only need 10 to 15 minutes to yourself for a short meditation, do this once a day and you'll soon be ready to focus in a longer one.

Walkthrough meditations paint a picture for you, tell you where you are... a beach maybe, a tranquil woodland or a beautiful meadow. They tell you what to do... breathing focus and relaxation help. All this guidance helps to stop your thoughts from wandering, so you don't need to make decisions about where and what.... all the 'wheres and whats' are decided for you. If you are already able to discipline your mind, then you may prefer to meditate to music alone. In which case, you need to use your imagination to create your medative 'journey' for whichever suits your mood at that time.
Audio walkthroughs are easier than ones you read, it's understandable for beginners to question the point of a meditation where one has to keep the eyes open in order to read the text! But it does work after a bit of practice... you will learn to detatch yourself, you will be able to read the text while holding the image in your mind. The advantages are that you can linger at any point for as long as you need to, no voice is moving you on. The trick is to read a stage... close you eyes... do the task and return to the text when you are ready. You will learn to 'hold the moment' in your conscious thoughts whilst reading the next stage.
Practice with the Chakra Meditation.

Here are some 10 minute walkthrough meditations to get you started. Don't be put off if you cannot 'connect' or relax the first time, it takes practice. As with everything, the more you do it the easier it becomes. It's also nice when you become so familiar with a meditation that you know it word for word... like a favourite song... then you will relax more.

Chakra Meditation........................Beach Meditation........................Time Travel Woodland Meditation
Musical Rapture.
Below is a 10 minute excerpt of a wonderful piece of relaxing music, composed specifically to be freely given. The story of how it came about makes an interesting read and web addresses are gven at the end of the video. I highly recommend downloading the full 60 minute mp3 version, it invokes peace, love and healing. Meditation can only work when you're fully relaxed, letting go of major issues... even for just 10 minutes... is not easy and takes practice. Finding an anchor, something you can use to 'trigger' the relaxing process, makes switching off the brain chatter much easier. When I hear the first bar of this music, I'm gone! I hope you get as much from it as I do.