Introduction to a Reading

So you would like a reading, yes? But who, what and where...?

Here is guidance on which type of reader to approach, what to look for and what you can expect.

First, I will try to ease the confusing world of psychics and the many different areas within, hopefully it will make it easier to know who to go to for a reading... So here is a basic explanation...

There are two main types to recognise with people who have psychic ability ----- one type can communicate directly to the vibration (energy) of a person that has died. Sight, sound, smell, feeling etc in varying degrees can be used. Psychics strong in this ability may hear words.... "Hi honey, it's rather nice here... I'm even playing golf!" Is an example I've come across. They may also see and be able to describe the spirit... "A mature lady with curly reddish hair, a green cardigan and flowery slippers..." as an example. Sometimes it's indirect, through the psychics own Guides, who pass the message from the dearly departed to the psychic... to then pass on to the sitter. Whichever method, psychics with this ability are called Mediums. Or Psychic Mediums. Mediumship is direct communication.
Those that can't are simply referred to as Psychic.
So, for clarity here, we'll call these two groups 'Psychics'... and... 'Mediums'.
There are many more Psychics than there are Mediums, certainly of any quality at least. The standard Psychic - if I can use such a term - gets information for you by either using items..... to create a 'picture message' (tarot cards/runes). This is a telepathic link between reader and sitter via earth plane energies or vibrations.
a psychic 'claire' skill..... clairvoyant; clairaudient; claircogisant; clairsentient are the big 4.
All of which are tapping into the Spirit World and earth energies rather than to a specific passed soul. It's a very special connection with enormous variations of skill ability by each individual Psychic. You will often see the type of ability next to the Readers name...
EXAMPLES (randomly picked from the internet)
Lynne Mooney.....Speciality: Romance, Career, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Astrology.
Evangelica (the Angel who brings good news), a Medium who also works with the Tarot as did her psychic mother and grandmother.
Karen... Skills: Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant.

To receive a message from your dearly departed, you go to a Medium.... not to a card reader.... card readers are are very useful in other areas. That's not to say though, that Mediums are unable to do divination with cards or don't have a 'claire' ability... far from it. Think of it this way....every Medium is a Psychic with an extra talent. As for myself, I am simply psychic with no mediumship skills. It's not that I cannot sense when a spirit is around... but I lack the ability to communicate with that spirit. So I am a psychic tarot reader with clairsentient, claircognisant and healing abilities.

       " All Mediums are 'psychic'.... but not all Psychics are Mediums."   

Divination has been used around the world for centuries, amazingly the earliest traces have even been found on ancient egyptian artifacts. Every culture has had, and still has, it's own method of seeking knowledge from beyond our physical world. In divination, objects are used to create a picture for the Reader to interpret... in the case of tarot, it's a deck of cards with detailed images. A plethora of other 'tools' are used for divination other than tarot... some quite common and others a touch bizarre! Tools such as crystals; small animal bones; rune stones; tea leaves; cards; ribbons; palms... even toe and bum readings! Many have survived and continue to be used today. It's worth pointing out here that any method used is just used as a starting point... as a focus... something for the reader to draw upon and obtain information from Spirit. It's the skill of the reader to interpret the symbols... to connect to Spirit and put together a message or guidance for the sitter. Not an easy task! Information that the reader is interpreting can be cryptic and muddled, rather like putting together a jigsaw puzzle which has missing and chewed up pieces... and no picture to work with! So bear that in mind, no matter where you go or what method you choose for your reading!
Excuses aside, the psychic industry has it's share of fraudsters... possibly an unfair share as it's too easy to 'cold read' and feed from info unwittingly given by the sitter, especially at times of high stress. So how do you tell a genuine reader, who's just having a bad day, to a fake, who is telling you what you want to hear? Well, as much as I would like to be able to say something like... "look for the tell tale sparkly glow eminating from a genuine readers head"...! You know it doesn't work that way and, unfortunatley, I'm as much in the dark as you are. All I can say is, use ones that have been either recommended to you by a friend.... where the reader validated their skill by giving information unique to that person... or, one that appears to be open and honest to you. If it feels 'right' then it may be that you were guided to that particular reader by your own Guides.

It's sensible not to spend too much money, prices vary depending on a variety of factors. Some parts of the country have wall to wall psychics... such as Wiltshire, as it attracts visitors to Stonehenge and Avebury, competition for business keeps prices lower. Then there's the skill level... an experienced reader will cost more, this is fair as you're paying for their gift/s and the many years they've spent developing it. There is also a big difference between a psychic offering a palm reading or angel card reading (any thing from 1 to 10) to a full blown psychic medium who has the special ability to pass messages on from dead relatives and who probably also has clairvoyant (or more) gifts! Expect to pay 25 upwards. Another choice you have is whether to see a psychic reader in their home or your home, some are happy to visit you, although expect petrol costs to bump up the price. Some will only visit... or maybe give a discount... if you have organised a group of friends for a 'reading party', all good fun! I've known these to cost 25 per head.

Readings are not fortune telling, it is a powerful method of extracting guidance from the Spirit World. Information that is not freely available without a special connection through divination techniques - whether be it cards, rune stones or directly from your Spirit Guide. For many psychics, it's quite an insult to be called a fortune teller.

One last point, the law requires every psychic who charges, must advertise their readings as "For Entertainment Purposes Only." Sensible, as it's not yet a science, and in line with all other alternative things in life.... so, my readings are also for entertainment purposes only.

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