Chakra Meditation

To energise and balance the 7 chakra centres. Use the paragraph spacing as your signal to close your eyes and visualise the instructions, although this is aimed at being a 10 to 15 minute meditation, please stay in each section for as long as you wish to.

Turning your focus inwards, concentrate on yourself... The world outside your personal space will see to itself.... This moment is yours. Bring your focus to your breathing and take 3 deep breaths, each time you exhale allow your shoulders to drop... Relaxing your body. Take your time, it's important not to rush this initial preparation.

When you are ready, imagine a red, spinning crystal within your body, level with the very base of your spine, let it spin for a moment. Now focus on the crystal and slow down the spin, see it turn slower and slower..... take your time... until it feels a comfortable and gentle pace.

Now you have the crystal under control, see it begin to glow. A rich, red light fills that part of your body, let it soak into every cell....... warming...... comforting...... strengthening.

Allow this crystal to continue its gentle spin while you move your focus up your body to just below the navel. Here, an orange coloured crystal is again spinning too fast.... re-focus on your breathing, keeping it slow and relaxed, then return to the crystal and see its spin coming under your control as you slow it down......slower and slower...... See it turn for a moment before it, too, begins to glow......a vibrant orange light fills the area, enhancing your creative and sensual self. Stay with it, relax and be inspired.

Moving up again, to the solar plexus, the fast spinning yellow crystal needs attention. Gently slow its pace, slower.... slower...... relaxing as slows. When you have it under control, see its warm, sunshine yellow spread through the area, lifting your confidence. Stay with it for a moment and breathe in its golden glow.

Upwards a little to your heart chakra, a green crystal needs attention. As before, breathe and relax before slowing down the spinning crystal to a gentle and sedate pace. Take your time. Let it turn for a moment as a beautiful green light fills your heart area, bringing you peace and re-assurance in the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally by Spirit. Stay in this moment and know that you can send this feeling of pure love out to loved ones at any time.

Moving upwards to the base of your throat the crystal here is a soft, pale blue. focus on the crystal and slow down the spin, see it turn slower and slower......again, take your time... until it feels a comfortable and gentle pace. When you’re ready, allow the blue light to fill the area. Stay with this for a moment and breathe it in.....strengthening your ability to communicate clearly.

Now we reach the 3rd eye chakra, this crystal is a deep indigo blue. Focus on slowing down its spin. Slower.......slower.......until it feels right for you. Relax and see the crystal fill the area with a deep indigo light, heightening your intuition and intelligence. Stay with this for a moment.

As we reach the last chakra at the crown of your head, we see a beautiful magenta crystal. Focus on the spinning crystal and slow it down......slowly........slowly.......relaxing as it slows. See it turn for a moment before it, too, begins to glow. Sending a magenta light throughout your crown lifting your ability to link with your higher self........where everything is connected. Where answers can be found to guide us on lifes path. Stay in this moment until you are ready to leave your crystals and their light, knowing that they are all now re-charged and balanced.

Return to the outside world, shake out your hands and enjoy your day.

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