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cat' For many people the aloe vera plant is used for healing wounds and improving skin conditions on their pets. Once you understand the properties of aloe vera gel it is not difficult to know when to use it, after all, skin is skin whether it be on a horse, a cat or a dog. Our pets get irritations at times, bites & scratches, cuts & bruising as well as longer term problems such as eczema. Outdoor animals can easily pick up infections or fungal problems, particularly in wet conditions, such as mud fever. If you know your vet will just sell you a pot of anti-fungal powder or anti-septic cream, then try the gel from within this aloe instead. Animals are also suseptible to sunburn for which aloe vera is unsurpassed at healing, from white cats ears to pink nosed ponies. Cut off a leaf and apply. You must always work on a clean area, debris must be flushed clear, use the gel as you would a product like Savlon or Germaline on yourself. You know when you need professional help, aloe is for all those other times when you are quite capable of attending to your animal yourself.

Aloe vera gel is:-

an analgesic
moisturising and nourishing.

Aloe vera greatly reduces scar tissue by preventing the natural response of 'damage control' to over-compensate and produce too much scar tissue. This is what causes raised scars - one of the reasons why aloe vera is so popular for repairing skin damage. These properties (and more besides) is what gives aloe vera its versatility in dealing with a wide variety of skin problems. A few professional breeders have discovered that hair growth returns faster after injury when aloe is used. This gets the animal back to the show ring sooner.

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