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Earth Awareness?
According to Professor Iain Stewart on the BBC 2 documentary ĎHow to Grow a Planetí, grasses thrived after the asteroid strike wiped out vast areas of trees 65 million years ago. These had seed heads that dropped seed (or grain, as in wheat) at the slightest touch, therefore ensuring easy dispersal. However, as a cereal crop for people to farm, thatís not so good. Grain dropping to the ground as soon as the plant is knocked is very hard to collect, so would not have been considered suitable for farming. So my theory is that it wasnít found to be the important food source we know it to be... Until.... And hereís the interesting bit from Prof. Stewart.... In one area a strain of wheat was found to have evolved differently. The plant held onto the ripened grain, allowing it to be gathered up and have a controlled collection of the grain. Pretty neat.

So, consider this... What if all living things have kind of awareness. What if the planet is actually looking after us? I donít mean an intelligence, but an unconscious knowing of where we are as a race. Is this radical seed dispersal turnaround an example of Nature seeing us with a staple food source problem and evolving a solution for us? We were seen to be missing something important and a solution was presented to us? Well, I donít see it as any more Ďout thereí as a theory than believing a sentient, omnipotent character twitched his finger and caused the plant to change!
This is going along with the already recorded theory that the world has a grid of inter-connecting conscious energy linked around it.... Imagine a low lying mist if you like, every droplet of moisture touching the next so all droplets could communicate with every other, by passing along information to its neighbour. If that mist was some kind of dark matter..... As we already suspect fills the universe (we just canít see it)..... Allowing a connection between living things. Those of us with psychic abilities already tap into it and it would explain why, on rare occasions in life, everybody experiences some form of momentary connection.... Theyíve accidentally tapped into it as well.
So a conscious thought from us to our higher self, can link to anywhere. After all, isnít that how we are able to psychically read someone half way around the world? We donít need to be in the same room. If youíve experienced this, you know it to be true.

Scientists are only just starting to experiment with how our unconscious mind works and touch on itís phenomenal abilities. Finally technology is beginning to provide indisputable evidence that there is so much more we can do, that we perceive. Maybe soon theyíll prove a planetary link with nature and many questions concerning flora and fauna, will be answered. Like animal migration; like how a species of plant and animal co-exist to protect each other and so on. Is this all part of the so called Ďawakeningí weíre entering into? Hmm...

March 2012

Courage V. Intuition.
There is a deep-seated misconception that, being intuitive, is a gift that a only minority of people have. Certainly, itís true to say itís far stronger in some than others, but I question whether itís the intuition that comes through as either weak or strong.... Or is it, in fact, the courage needed to trust that intuition..... that is either weak or strong. Perhaps intuition - the 6th sense - is just Ďthereí, for everyone. But either you develop the ability to respond physically to what you are hearing, feeling, and sensing on the inside - or you donít. Responding to something thatís probably such a fleeting moment, takes courage. Where does that courage come from? Self-esteem. Do you have the courage to trust your feelings? Are we so used to outside influences to tell us what is right or wrong that weíve forgotten how to listen from within?
Our lives are very protected within the modern world, from birth we are surrounded by so many procedures to keep us safe that, as a species, we no longer need to live on our wits.... or intuition. It takes a strong sense of self and the ability to not just take charge, but to be responsible for our actions too. Within my comfortable western, developed world I donít Ďneedí to intuitively protect myself. If something major goes wrong thereíll be help to fall back on. I donít have to survive on courage and wit. No doubt there are parts of the world where this cannot be said, so is their intuition used more often because of this? If I had needed my intuition as I grew up, Iím sure it would be stronger than it is today. As it is, I only started to pay attention to those thoughts and feelings when I became a mature adult. Not because I needed to, but because I had the time and interest to experiment and practice. This led me to tarot cards, which appealed as I was aware of them and they had a familiar feel - growing up, as I did, with the family playing cards. Iíve seen many tarot readers reel off text book interpretations when giving a reading.... and this works to a point. But, when intuition is tapped into, interpretation gains a whole new level. So then weíre back to courage v. intuition. Do you have the courage to trust the feelings youíre receiving as you read the cards? Well, nothing is better than practice. Itís no different to other skills.... or Ďgiftsí. As results become more consistent, then self-esteem and the courage to promote oneís abilities increases in leaps and bounds..... intuition is given free rein and, as a direct result, is deemed to be getting stronger. But, is it the intuition?.... or the courage...

Feb 2012

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