10 Minute Beach Meditation

To Relax the Body and Free the Mind. Use the paragraph spacing as your signal to close your eyes and visualise the instructions, although this is aimed at being a 10 to 15 minute meditation, please stay in each section for as long as you wish to.

Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to relax. Imagine, just for 10 minutes, being surrounded by an energy force which is keeping all outside influences away and allowing you complete surrender to your own self and your own needs. Ten minutes of indulgence to relax the body and balance the mind. So, begin by concentrating on your breathing and take deep breathes in........ And slow release out..... Deep breath in........and slow release out. As you do this, imagine yourself on a beautiful white sandy beach. The azure blue sky above is cloudless and clear and on the distant horizon it meets the sparkling blue sea which gently laps this peaceful and idyllic cove. Take a few minutes to relax into this.....breathe slowly......relaxing your neck, shoulders and back.... Feel the sand between your toes, a cool breeze around your body and the warm sun on your face. The trees that enclose the beach are a shimmering blend of greens and birds can be heard calling to eachother as they fly between the treetops.

Now you are comfortably relaxed and absorbing the peaceful psychic vibration, take a stroll to the waters edge and follow it along the beach. As you walk, stretch your arms up and out.... Swing them gently and rotate your shoulders. Swing at the waist and stretch your legs. Build these gentle movements into more lively ones..... Begin to dance..... Skip...... Spin...... Whatever you feel you need to do to shake off all inhibitions, all the pressure society gives us can float away. Here, no-one can see you or hear you. If you want to scream..... Then scream! If you want to sing loudly.... Then go right ahead! Here you can perform perfect cart-wheels, sing loud and beautifully, run, jump and even float in the air! Here, your body is pain free and supple. You are strong, graceful, courageous and energized. Go ahead......close your eyes and be or do whatever makes you feel free of constraint. Free your body and your mind and love yourself for doing this, be proud, be pleased and be very happy.

As you you now begin to quieten down, return to a steady walk with your feet firmly on the sand. Bring your arms to your sides. Hold onto the good feeling you now carry and find a nice spot on the beach and settle into a comfortable position. Return your focus to your breathing, keeping it steady and relaxed. In this moment hold all that is positive and good about yourself. Give yourself a big hug and know that you have done well in this meditation. Allow this positive energy to extend outwards and create an energy field around your body. The stronger you feel it, the further away it extends. It can be any colour you like, a mix of colours or even sparkly. Practice now to push it it out from within......take a breath in.......and as you exhale push the energy outwards.........again, breathe in........and push gently out....... This energy field can remain with you for days, youíll know when you need to return for a top up.

Breathe in this positive energy whenever you need it through your day, draw it deep into the lungs and see it infuse every cell. Know also, that you can send this energy to your loved ones, imagine it as a hug if you like. Itís now time to leave the cove and return to your day, shake out your hands and wriggle your toes. You are ready to face your day.

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