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Whether for fun, to help find a solution to a problem or as a sounding board for a decision - a reading will help you see things from a different angle. Don't know which way to turn? We sometimes need help to re-discover our lost direction - when we cannot see our choices - or know which path to take..... too many choices! When we are out of alignment problems occur and we don't receive messages clearly, you lose faith in your own judgement and natural intuition. So you may just need a nudge towards a different view point - a picture you need to see and the opening of a door you didn't know was there. This is an empowering experience which, throughout all ages, has been the condition motivating people to turn to divination. Please read carefully what's required from you so a good connection can be made.
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It's worth noting that tarot is not a fortune telling method... It's strength lies firmly in the guidance area. Although it's not possible for me to tell you how they work - as I'm still working on that myself! - I can say with assurance that with the hundreds of tried and tested card layouts, there'll be one suitable for any question asked. Some layouts are small with just 3 cards, others need a large working space with 40 plus cards! But with 78 cards in the standard tarot deck, there's plenty to go around. Each card has it's own energy and character, combine these into a set spread and a message or story emerges. As a reader with 20 years professional experience, I still enjoy... and learn... from each reading I give. Your 'payment' is to consider the result carefully (denial is difficult to spot in oneself) and to acknowledge you have understood, so I know my free time is well spent. Fair enough?
Be gently guided, try a reading and move on in your life.

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and welcome to Cosmic Dusting. My name is Marion (Cosmic Dust) and my paranormal interests cover a wide range of topics.
My greatest interest lies with tarot and this site favours that topic above all others. I'm also very interested in space and technology.... the line between science and the paranormal is getting thinner and it's an exciting area to watch!
This site has recently moved and so re-starting. It's still in development and I hope you enjoy the changes.
galaxy, edge on.

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